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Brick Hack: How to Update Your Concrete with a Stencil

Updated: Jul 4

Before I decided to jump into this project, I searched and searched for an example of realistic looking brick that was created with a stencil. I found many examples, but none that really wowed me. I knew I wanted it to look like Chicago style bricks and I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money to get the look. So if any of you reading this are feeling the same way I hope this post gives you some inspiration. Check out this transformation and learn how you can update your concrete on a budget.





I don't know about you guys, but I am obsessed with how this turned out! Let me break it all down for you.

Here's what you'll need:

Cutting Edge Stencils Bricks Allover Stencil

Henry 7lb Floor Patch

2- Paint Brushes (they can be old)

Metal trowel

Paint Samples (I used Flat finish)

  • SW 6054Canyon Clay

  • SW 2838Polished Mahogany

  • SW 7039Virtual Taupe

  • SW 7701Cavern Clay

  • SW 7598Sierra Redwood

  • White paint (I used a gallon I had laying around from another project)

STEP 1: Prep!

Pressure wash or hose off your concrete. Allow the surface to dry completely.

STEP 2: Mix your concrete skim coat according to the package. (I used the entire box for this project)

STEP 3: Using your trowel, spread the skim coat onto your concrete surface. (If you do not have tiles in your concrete you may not need to do this step) I didn't want the tiles to show through my stencil so I chose to skim coat it. When skim coating don't try to make it smooth. In fact, leaving it a little rougher will give the "brick" a more realistic look.

STEP 4: Wait for the skim coat to dry completely.



STEP 5: Line up your brick stencil and stand back to make sure it appears straight to the eye.

STEP 6: Choose a color to start with and paint random bricks, then choose another color. Continue with all of your colors (except white) until all the bricks in the stencil are painted. Then for each brick choose an opposite color and lightly dip your brush and dab that brick. This gives the brick a two-toned look.

STEP 7: White Washing! Give the paint a minute to dry. Take your second paint brush and lightly dab in the white paint. (I had a piece of cardboard that I could brush off excess paint) Lightly brush the tops of each brick giving them a white washed look. The white will really help to show the texture of the skim coating and give the bricks a 3 dimensional look.

Before White Washing

After White Washing

STEP 8: Peel up your stencil and move on to the next space until the entire area is filled! *Don't forget to use the edge pieces that come with your stencil to get in the spaces the big stencil doesn't fill!

That's it! I can't tell you how much I love looking at this faux brick every time I open the front door! Now your turn! Tag me in your photos @HouseonWilshire because you know I love a good before and after!

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