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Garage floor makeover with Hello Garage

My parents three car garage is only a few years old but definitely gets used. My dad restores old vehicles and this is where he does it. He originally put down a poly topcoat thinking it would protect his newer floors. He quickly found out that when gasoline hit it it turned to a sticky glue that was impossible to clean up. The newer floors quickly became stained and damaged from all of the gasoline, oil and solvents.

We contacted our local Hello Garage to see if they could help. We were so impressed when they came out to see our floors and do some measuring. Not only did they explain the process and how it would work but they even showed us a video on what makes their Polyaspartic flooring so great.

To start the process they filled any expansion joint or crack in the floor. This ensures a smooth finish when the flooring goes on.

After filling the joints and cracks they had to grind off the poly topcoat my dad had previously put down. This ensures the new Polyaspartic flooring will adhere properly to the floors. From what we understand this process typically doesn't take too long, however the poly was clumping and was causing a real problem clogging the grinders. They used hand grinders along the edges, being certain not to damage the walls and used a large push grinder in the center. When I say they did not stop grinding, I mean it. This is a three car garage and is by no means tiny, these guys were using some serious muscle power to get this top coat off.

You can really see the difference in the original flooring compared to the prepped floors.

*Notice the day to night time difference. This is what I mean by "they did not stop until it was grinded".

Now for the fun part...They pour out the base coat, spread it, roll it smooth and distribute the decorative flakes. We chose the classic Pewter color which is a nice neutral. Once that is finished they scrape up the extra flakes, clean up and apply the topcoat.

*Do yourself a favor and read more about Polyaspartic flooring here.

Here are some of the main reasons we chose this flooring and Hello Garage:

  • Quick-curing: if you know my father you know how impatient he is. (don't worry he won't read this. haha) It takes just 24 hours for the polyaspartic flooring to cure and trust me he was counting down the minutes so he could move all of his things back in.

  • Non-peeling: Unlike epoxy coatings that fail because they peel away from the concrete surface, polyaspartic floor coating only really fails (in lab testing) when the surface layer of the concrete peels away. So the polyaspartic floor coating itself never really fails — the underlying concrete does. It's that strong of a bond.

  • Durability: Because of its superior bonding, polyaspartic floor coatings are not susceptible to hot-tire pickup.

  • Lifetime Warranty:You can learn more about the warranty Hello Garage offers here.

Are you ready for these before and afters?? We couldn't be happier with how the floors turned out. Hello Garage takes every measure possible to make sure these floors are done correctly and in a timely manor. Now when oil or gasoline spills on them we know they are protected and won't cause a mess.



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