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Spruce up your entry no matter the size!

When you walk in our front door we have a coat closet, but no matter how much room is in it, it always seems like we could use more space/hooks for coats that end up on the floor. This project is easy to complete in a weekend and can make a major impact when your guests come through the door!

Here's what you'll need:

Caldwell Green Paint by Benjamin Moore

Paint Brush

Paint Roller

2- Pine boards ripped down to 5" wide

Hooks and Knobs



Stud Finder


Paint the wall using Caldwell Green or the color of your choice. Paint up to the desired height. I painted mine up 4' from the floor.


Measure and cut your Pine boards to length, then paint one the same color as the wall and stain the other.


Once both boards and the wall are dry locate studs. Counter sink holes and screw the top and bottom boards into studs. (Counter sinking the screws will allow the screws to be flush and allow them to be hidden by the hooks.)


Space out the hooks where you want them placed and screw them into the boards. I tried to cover as many screws as possible.


Pick some fun artwork and hang it above your top board!

That's it! An easy project that can be completed in no time! Check out these before and afters!!

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