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Rattan Light Hack: How to get the look for less!

I have been eyeing up Rattan pendant lights, but did not love the price tag that came along with them. I have seen upwards of $200 for ONE LIGHT and that just isn't me. So I decided to create the look for less and let me just say, WOW. I am obsessed with the statement this adds to the island. Let me show you how I managed this Rattan pendant light hack for under $50!



Here's what you'll need:

Rattan Baskets currently on SALE for $17.98

Plywood I used scraps I had from another project.



Zip Ties

PREP WORK: Be sure to shut off all electrical switches at the breaker box then proceed to take your current light down. (You may not need to disconnect the current light depending on what kind you have.)


Cut the wires out that hold the candle in and the handles.


Measure and cut a round piece of plywood (7" in diameter)


Drill a hole through the center of the circle.


Place the plywood circle inside the Lantern and feed the pendant light up through the circle. Place the zip ties around the wires to hold the plywood circle up and cut off the access. Rewire your light and straighten your new shade. Then stand back and admire your beautiful, CHEAP new Rattan Cover!

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So simple and makes such a huge difference!

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